Monday, June 15, 2009

Anonymous access for a list

I was trying to enable anonymous access for a SharePoint survey list but was not able to allow anonymous users to edit/add list items. Later I found that it was because I had selected an option in my list which allowed users to see only the items created by them. This post talks about how I enabled anonymous access and then troubleshooted this problem.

I had followed these steps to resolve the issue:

1.) Navigated to CA ->Application Management ->Authentication Providers

Enabled anonymous access in the right zone.

2.) Went to the site were my survey list is and navigated to
Site Settings-> Advanced Permissions->Settings>Anonymous Access
selected the option List and Libraries

3.) Then I navigated to my Survey List->Settings->Permission for the List->Actions Edit permission, broke the inheritance, then navigated to Settings->Anonymous Access

But the Anonymous user options were greyed out.

So I verified all the above steps again .But found no mistakes.

Then I went to Survey List -> Settings -> Advanced Settings

Since I selected the option which allows users to view only their response, the anonymous user options in the list setting was greyed out. Once I changed this option to "All Responses", I was able to check the appropriate box in the survey list anonymous settings page.

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